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Jul 9 – Sep 10, 2019
6:30 – 8:30 PM
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Tuesday Age 35+
Added by William Hunter
Added by William Hunter

$275 Team League Fee

  • Players must have same jersey: color and style with a number
  • can rent or buy jerseys from us
  • if renting or buying we must know by week 1

-35 and over

$50 Individual Fee - Free Agent

  • no team, sign up as an individual
  • Free agents will be placed on a team together

Forfeit Fees

  • $70 is due at the start of your first scheduled game, will be returned at the end of the season if your team do not forfeit a game
  • If your team is assigned to play that week and do not show, this is considered a forfeit.
  • Once, the schedule is made and your team cancel for whatever reason, this is also considered a forfeit. There will be a $70 forfeit fee
  • If your team forfeits the season, please give advance notice as we have to schedule others (referees, score keeper, the premises, etc.). If the week starts, this is not advance notice and your team can be subject to a $70 fee. There may still be a fee for forfeiting the season.

Referee and scorekeeper fee

  • $40 per game per team
  • paid directly to scorekeeper at the start of each game

5 on 5, 10 player roster

  • Once rosters are closed, players will only be allowed to play if they pay a $50 entry fee. This will allow them to be on your roster permanently unless the roster is full.
    • $25 per game for any individual playing on your team that is not on your roster (after your roster is full). Players can elect to pay $25 per game regardless of roster. Cannot add players at all during the playoffs!!!

Leagues are approximately 7 weeks plus approximately 3 weeks of playoffs.

Games consist of two - 20 minute halves and the clock will stop under one minute in the first and two minutes in the second half. 2 minute overtime, clock stop under 1 minute

  • 2 Time outs per half (do not carry over)
  • 1 Time out in OT
  • Double OT and beyond, 1 minute, clock stops
  • clock will stop under 2 minutes in the second half after a made basket - playoffs only

While special request is an option, please note it may not always be honored. However, we will do our best to accommodate any special request. Complete rules will be emailed before the start of the season.

Complete rules emailed to Captains at the start of the season. All others must acknowledge and sign rules online.

Games are played at 1654 W. Onondaga St.
Start date and game times TBD

18 ratings

Will's program is great. He gives what kids need for the sport and life. He has given my son so much confidence. T is is veteran.

Youth Basketball Training/Games Jul 2018

My son has been in wills league for three years now. We have noticed a huge improvement in not only his basketball skills but his confidence level which makes us happy!!

Youth Competitive Basketball League Mar 2018

This was my nephews first year playing for a league. He really enjoyed himself and I am pleased with how much he has progressed as a player in just six weeks. Thank you WHYS

Winter 17 Youth Basketball Program Nov 2017

My son (6) has been playing for a few sessions now. We love the people, the coaching, and the program as a whole. Will does a great job making sure the little guys learn as they play.

1st Fall 17 Youth Basketball Sep 2017

My grandson loves basketball and Will's program has really helped him grow as a player in all ways. He has a great way with all of the kids. I highly recommend this program.

WHYS Youth Basketball Program Sep 2017

Will does a great job organizing all of his leagues. You learn, have fun, and walk away feeling good about yourself. Great job. Keep up the work

Summer 2017 Adult Basketball League Aug 2017

Will Hunter's program is fantastic! He is great with the kids. They are having so much fun they don't realize they're learning too!

Summer 17 Youth Basketball Jul 2017

5 stars for sure! I've seen wonderful changes in my twins starting from the 1st day. One is so proud that he carries his trophy to school,lol! Their confidence and concentration has also improved. Wonderful coaches and staff. Thank you for your services.

WHYS Youth Basketball Program Feb 2017

Will Hunters basketball as well as the football program are exceptional sports involvement for young children. Mr. Hunter is a consummate professional, committed to the social and moral enhancement of our youth. It really does not get much better than this type of organization. The coaches are also committed parents who clearly share coach Hunters vision. Many of the children in the program would find it difficult to be a part of other programs that might focus more on the ability of the child. This program is totally committed to encouraging and building up the child. The esteem building that occurs is tremendous and will certainly be something that will make itself a positive marker in the life of each child. Please keep up the excellent work coach Hunter. August 2016 review of Will Hunter's Youth Sports D40dce9c1f48a4d2145f86b7db64c284?d=mm&s=200 Brady B After several sessions with Coach Hunter we feel fortunate to have found this program. Will and the other coaches are tremendous with the kids. They teach selflessness, teamwork, and responsibility in addition to basketball skills. This program is a hidden gem in the area. August 2016

WHYS Youth Basketball Program Sep 2016

After several sessions with Coach Hunter we feel fortunate to have found this program. Will and the other coaches are tremendous with the kids. They teach selflessness, teamwork, and responsibility in addition to basketball skills. This program is a hidden gem in the area.

WHYS Youth Basketball Program Aug 2016

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