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8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
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#5 vs 5

  • 8 max roster, must be on your roster to participate
  • All 5 players are eligible
  • Center must snap through his legs
  • Must have at least 1 players on LOS before snap of the ball
  • All players must sign waiver


  • $350 tourney fee
  • $40 game ref fees
  • Winner take home Cash Prize

3 Timeouts per game

  • Must use 1 by 2 minutes or lose it
  • TO do not carry over to OT
  • 1 TO in OT


  • 20 minute running clock
  • Clock stop under 2 minutes second half only; incomplete pass, penalty, change of possession, QB intentional spikes, injuries, turnover on downs, TD’s, change of possession, official TO’s and time outs
  • 25 second play clock


  • Flags will be provided by us, only our flags can be used
  • Flag belts need to be visible at all times (not just flags). There is to be nothing obstructing the flags or the belt from visibility. If player belt is obstructed or not visible player and player runs or receives the ball, play will be dead at that spot.
  • TD's can be called back if officials deem there is an obstruction
  • Sneakers or turf sneakers only in indoor facility, no football cleats allowed indoors. Any question concerning footwear should be brought to the attention of the facility
  • Shorts or pants with loops are prohibited.
  • All team members should wear the same color shirt. We suggest a number on the back as well


  • Four downs to advance to mid-field for a 1st down

    • Once past mid-field a new set of downs will be awarded
    • On 4th down or any down for that matter, team can elect to punt. Punt will be 35 yards from spot where offensive team last held possession (never to exceed the 10-yard line)
  • Ball is down or dead

    • When the person with the ball flag is pulled (completely detached from the belt)
    • Pass attempt that hits the ground
    • Ball is fumbled by the ball carrier and hits the ground
      • Ball carrier touches the ground with any part of the body and gets touched (Do not need to pull players flag while player is on the ground, simply touch them). Player can get up and run and flag must be pulled for runner to be considered down.
      • Snap from center hits the ground
      • QB intentionally spikes the ball to preserve time or other
      • Ball fumbled or snapped to the ground into the end zone is considered a safety
  • Before the snap, all offensive players must come to a complete stop for at least 1 full second.

  • Only one player in motion at a time and player must not move towards LOS before the ball is snapped.

  • Offense can make a shift where multiple players can move all at once but only before QB begins full cadence

Running the ball

  • Stiff arm is legal and must be below neck and above waist
  • Player cannot hide flag by lower body or arm into position to stop from being de-flagged
  • Player cannot dive to avoid being de-flagged or to advance the ball
  • Players may jump or hurdle over any person on the ground
  • If a player loses their flag and has the ball the defense must touch them with at least one hand or body part for that player to be considered down.

Catching the Ball

  • Ball must be controlled and a football move attempted for a catch to be considered
  • One foot must be down for a catch to be considered
  • Other body parts must be down in bounds before a catch is considered


  • Defense must be lined up on its side of the ball once the referee spots the ball
  • Defensive line do not need to be head up to the offensive line
  • Lining up in the neutral zone will be a five yard penalty against the defense
  • The neutral zone is the space between the offensive line specifically the center, the ball, and the defense.
  • Defensive players are allowed to chuck or bump the offensive players within five yards from the LOS. Defensive players are not allowed to hold or grab at any point when the ball is in play.
  • If a player loses their flag and has the ball the defense must touch them with at least one hand or body part for that player to be considered down.
  • If a player has the ball and falls to the ground, the defense must touch them with at least one hand or body part for that player to be considered down.
  • Players are allowed to make body contact with the person carrying the ball as long they are attempting to pull the flag.
  • Defense is not allowed to trip a player to stop them from gaining yards, take the ball out the ball carriers hands, or tackle a player. 15 yard Penalty will be assessed

Coin Toss starts the game

  • The team listed as the home team calls the coin toss.
  • The team winning the toss will have a choice of options to receive the ball for the first half or shall defer to receive the ball at the start of the second half.
  • Team losing the coin toss gets to decide which way they would like to defend.
  • Mercy Rule: If a team is leading by 19 points or more in the final two minutes of the game the game will end.
  • Inadvertent whistle, play is dead where the whistle blew. Team will have option of redoing the play or taking the ball at the spot of the whistle. Exception is if ball carrier is well ahead of all players heading towards his end zone. TD will be assessed in this instance.


  • A TD is considered 6 points
  • An extra point is considered 1 point, played from the 5 yard line (pass only)
  • 2 point conversion – An attempt to score two points after a TD is scored, played from the 10-yard line (run or pass)
  • 3 point conversion – played from the 20 yard line (run or pass)
  • Safety is worth two points
  • Conversion points for the defense is worth the same points the offense was attempting. Turnover by the defense I.e. offense going for 2 point conversion and pass is intercepted and returned for a score. Intercepting team will be awarded 2 points.


  • Punts must be declared to the referee
  • If not declared and punting team wishes to change its mind, a TO must be used.
    No TO by the team a delay of game can be enforced if ball is not punted before 25 sec. play clock ends. Inside 2 minutes a 10 second runoff will ensue
  • Indoor, no punts are allowed, Punts will be 35 yards from LOS

Over Time

  • One possession per team, no time limits, play clock in play, played from 20 yard line
  • First possession determined by coin toss
  • In the event of double OT, ball will be played from the 3 yard line, one attempt per team. The team that had the first possession in the first OT will automatically be on defense
  • At any point in OT if the defense intercepts a pass and return it for a TD the game will be over regardless if the other team had a chance to possess the ball
  • An interception that is not returned for a TD will result in a change of possession to the other team. The other team will put the ball in play from the designated OT spot

On Side Kick

  • On-side kick can be performed at any point during the game after a score or at the start of the game
  • kick off is from the kickoff teams own 20 yard line
  • Must down the ball or stop the return team inside their own 20 to retain possession
9 ratings

My son started playing WHYS at 5 yrs old I coach now with Will and played high school and Div 3 college football. Wills teachings are dead on. Perfect for 1st timers or as previous clients know we play multiple times per year. Perfect practice/games for your small, Med, Large child. Everyone gets a chance, there are no favorites. Awesome starter league.

Indoor Flag Football Skill Training/Games 2020 Jan 2020

Will does a tremendous job getting all kids involved. The program stresses teamwork and enthusiasm. The 30 minute practice time before the games is very helpful with teaching the skills needed to perform as well as teaching about sportsmanship. I highly recommend this program.

Youth Indoor Flag Football Program Oct 2016

My son loved the flag football session!

WHYS Youth Flag Football Program Aug 2016

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