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Aug 12 – Sep 23, 2018
4:00 – 7:00 PM
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** 8 on 8**

  • 3 Down Linemen (ineligible)
  • Must have one eligible on each side of the 3 down linemen - WR, TE, RB
  • Must have QB behind Center (gun or under center)
  • DL do not need to be head up on OL
  • Coin toss to decide first possession
  • Play starts at desginated 20 yard line
  • Can start a game with 6 players, opposing captain has choice of playing with 6, 7, or 8

12 player roster

  • Two weeks to add/drop players
  • Week 3 (end of last game week 2) there will be a cost to add players, $25 per player
  • Cannot add any new players during playoffs, regardless
  • Can add players to roster due to injury through regular season, not playoffs, with no cost to team or captain
  • Players deciding not to show is not the issue for the league, start of week 3 there will be a fee


  • Each eligible offensive player and any player wishing to possess and advance the ball must wear an Official Flag, flags are provided by the league.
  • The flags must be inserted properly not altered in any way with the flag belt properly tightened to prevent the belt from turning or swiveling.
  • The belt and entire flag(s) must be clearly visible during play.
  • Flags that are not visible could result in the play stopping at a point of contact.


  • Shirts/jersey will be provided by the league and are required for each game
  • Must be the same style and color
    • Must have same number for entire season
  • Players without a jersey will be fined $10, payable at the start of next game, or player cannot play

Games Time

  • 2 - 20 minute Halves, running clock
  • Clock will be held on the field, large play clock
  • In the event of inclement weather, officials will keep the clock on their person Running clock
  • Clock stops under 1 minute in the first half and 2 minutes in the second
  • Under the 1 and 2 minute warnings, clock stops for out of bounds, spikes, incomplete passes, and Time Outs.


  • 2 Timeouts per half, do not rollover
  • 1 Timeout in OT


  • 1 Timeout for each team
  • Each Team is awarded one possession
  • Games concludes at the end of possession
  • Ball starts at 20 yard line
  • Coin toss to decide possession and which side of field will be used

#Teams are not allowed to leave any trash on their sidelines. All teams are responsible for the items left on their sideline.

#Fighting is prohibited and will result in a fine and suspension from the game

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I really enjoyed playing on the female flag football team gave us moms the ability to show our own skills lol

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My son really loves the program the fundamentals they teach really helped my son on the football field thanks for will and the coaches for all they do!

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My son absolutely loves playing football in this program he has so much more confident. Every time we leave he tells me he can't wait until the next session.



My son has played with this league for about a year now . I have witnessed tremendous improvement. He's more confident and he's learned so many new skills as well as being a team player ! Rashonda

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Fantastic program! My son loves it! He can't wait to play again in the Spring!

March Indoor Flag Football Program Feb 2017

Will does a tremendous job getting all kids involved. The program stresses teamwork and enthusiasm. The 30 minute practice time before the games is very helpful with teaching the skills needed to perform as well as teaching about sportsmanship. I highly recommend this program.

Youth Indoor Flag Football Program Oct 2016


I can't say enough wonderful things about this program. Will Hunter is extremely passionate and caring about each child and truly builds self esteem and never stops encouraging and teaching. My older son has played 3 sessions of flag football and has learned a tremendous amount, and really believes in himself now. He had tried other leagues and never seemed to be on the same skill level as other kids, and he would leave disappointed and down and down on himself..Will has transformed his confidence and he really believes in himself. I enrolled my younger son in flag football as well and he absolutely loved it. The emphasis of this program is really on the children and the coaches never stop encouraging them ans building them all up. So glad we found this program, Will you do an amazing job, we are so grateful for all you do!

WHYS Youth Flag Football Program Oct 2016

My son loved the flag football session!

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