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Aug 13 – Oct 1, 2017
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
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9 on 9 Football

  • 3 Down Linemen (ineligible)
  • Must have one eligible on each side of the 3 down linemen
  • must have QB behind Center (gun or under center)
  • DL do not need to be head up on OL

20 Player Roster

  • Two weeks to add/drop players
  • Week 3 (end of last game week 2) there will be a cost to add players, $25 per player
  • Need a roster to start the season
  • cannot add any new players during playoffs, regardless
  • Can add players to roster due to injury through regular season, not playoffs, with no cost to team or captain
  • Players deciding not to show is not the issue for the league, start of week 3 there will be a fee


Each eligible offensive player and any player wishing to possess and advance the ball must wear an Official “Sonic Boom/Pop” Flag-A-Tag belt set with two (2) sonic flags (14 inches minimum in length and 2 inches minimum in width) The flags must be inserted properly not altered in any way with the flag belt properly tightened
to prevent the belt from turning or swiveling. The belt and entire flag(s) must be clearly visible.


  • Shirts/jersey are required
  • Must be the same style and color
  • Must have number, same for entire season
  • All players must have a jersey/shirt by week 3 (end of last game week two)
  • Players without a jersey will be fined $25, payable at the start of next game, or player cannot play
  • Even if you bring in additional players, they need a jersey/shirt too

Games Time

  • 2 - 25 minute Halves
  • Clock will be held on the field, large play clock
  • In the event of inclement weather, officials will keep the clock on their person
  • Running clock
  • Clock stops under 1 minute in the first half and 2 minutes in the second
  • Clock stops for out of bounds, spikes, incomplete passes, and Time Outs. The clock will also stop momentarily for first downs. Once the ball is spotted clock will resume


  • 2 Timeouts per half, do not rollover
  • 1 Timeout in OT


  • 1 Timeout for each team
  • Each Team is awarded one possession
  • Games concludes at the end of possession
  • Ball starts at 20 yard line
  • coin toss to decide possession and which side of field will be used

Kickoffs and Punts

  • Kicking Team can elect to kickoff or give the other team the ball at their 40 yard line; start of game and half, and after a score
  • On 4th down the team must elect to Punt or play. Once decision is made it can only be changed by timeout.
  • Punting team can elect to take a 25 yard punt or live punt. Live punts can be returned
  • If Team Elects to take 25 yard punt, opposing team will never get the ball inside its own 20 yard line (depending on field length)
  • On 4th down the team must elect to Punt or go for it
  • Once ball is kicked it is live until it is touch.
  • Kicking team cannot recover an onside kick. Should the kicking team touch the ball before the receiving team the ball is dead at that spot.
  • Receiving team can pick a ball up that dribbles along the ground no matter how many times the ball hit the ground. If the receiving team touch the ball and it remain on the ground or is dropped the ball is dead at that spot.

Field Goals

  • If the fields we are using have field goal post or large soccer goals, we can use field goals
  • Field with no post or nets, we cannot use field goals
  • Must be able to use field goals entire season or no FG's allowed

Teams are not allowed to leave any trash on their sidelines. All teams are responsible for the items left on their sideline.

All personal foul penalties will result in an automatic first down or loss of down.

9 ratings

My son started playing WHYS at 5 yrs old I coach now with Will and played high school and Div 3 college football. Wills teachings are dead on. Perfect for 1st timers or as previous clients know we play multiple times per year. Perfect practice/games for your small, Med, Large child. Everyone gets a chance, there are no favorites. Awesome starter league.

Indoor Flag Football Skill Training/Games 2020 Jan 2020

Will does a tremendous job getting all kids involved. The program stresses teamwork and enthusiasm. The 30 minute practice time before the games is very helpful with teaching the skills needed to perform as well as teaching about sportsmanship. I highly recommend this program.

Youth Indoor Flag Football Program Oct 2016

My son loved the flag football session!

WHYS Youth Flag Football Program Aug 2016

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