Parental Sportsmanship Pledge

The WHYS program was developed from the mind of Will Hunter. He wanted to bring the life lessons, background, and experience from the HIGHEST LEVEL of sports to a community based program.

Will strongly believes in the model, "each one, teach one!" Thus the birth of WHYS!!! WHYS core beliefs is centered on sportsmanship, teaching, and player development. Our aim is to teach and grow players in our community. These beliefs go hand and hand with fair play and community building. In order for WHYS programs to be successful, we need each individual member and their parents to do their part. We are here to encourage players to do their best, allow the Coaches to teach and inspire, and respect the Organization's practices. While we encourage competitive play, the spirit of the program is not to be lost. No one, player, fan, or supporter should feel threatened or made to feel less than at any of our programs.

At WHYS we want an environment that is fun and exciting for everyone. As a parent, it should be that you are the player’s first role model. The actions and beliefs you have will shape their future and everyday behaviors. With that in mind, remember we are trying to create an environment of fun, learning, and respect. To create this environment it is important that parents set an example for their kids by showing and encouraging sportsmanship and by displaying good behavior. Any negative behavior or actions is not acceptable and will not tolerated. Parents should always encourage participation, respect, and support for the coaches as to create the best possible experience for your child.

We are grateful for your registration and want this to be a positive and fun experience for all involved. Thank you for doing your part!

Please note, your child’s picture or likeness may be used in advertisements, social media, and for the growth and development of the program. We will never sell or otherwise distribute your child’s info to any 3rd party. We will not use you or your child’s name for any reason. While we do our best to ensure a safe, clean, and friendly environment we cannot predict nor prevent injuries or illnesses from taking place. Should an injury or illness take place at one of our events, you agree to hold WHYS, its Coaches and Staff, and it associates harmless. Should your child damage any property; property of the facility or equipment you understand and agree that this expense may be passed on to you.

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