Youth Kickball League

Youth Kickball League

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Sep 11 – Oct 23, 2020
5:30 – 8:30 PM
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Friday Age 4-12

Please wear a face covering and social distance at all WHYS events

Ages 4-12

  • broken to select groups

Sept. 11, 18, 25
Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24
5:30pm start

Any shot to the head the runner automatically advances to the next base (runner cannot intentionally use head)

Pop flys, tag outs, base tag outs, throw outs are all acceptable
4 foul kicks is an automatic out
3 strikeouts is an automatic out
Younger groups, tag outs, pop fly catches, and base tags only. Cannot throw the ball to tag out a player (no throwing at players)

Each team will pitch to the other team. Pitchers must pitch from the pitching mound and cannot go in front of plate until the ball is kicked. Slow to moderate pitches only

  • younger group, ball will be placed by coach for player to kick

All kicks must be made by foot.
A kicker can be called out if they get 3 strikes or 4 foul balls.

  • younger group, ball will be placed at home plate for player to kick Back catcher will be a minimum of 6ft from player kicking the ball

Additional rules available at the event

Covid-19 info
All spectators must wear a mask
If spectators do not travel together we are asking that you keep at least 6ft distance from other spectators
If you are your child is not feeling well please stay home
I you are are child is noticeably showing cold, flu, or covid symptoms, we will ask you to leave, your child will not be able to participate for 14 days if we notice any symptoms
If we have to move the program indoors, we are asking that participants limit their guest (spectators) to only 2 persons
Please wash your hands before and after participation. If soap and water is unavailable please use hand sanitizers before and after participation
Even if wearing athletic gloves please wash or sanitize your hands after participation
Additional Covid info available at the event

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