5th Grade U Basketball League

5th Grade U Basketball League

Time to ball!!!

League Info

Jun 18 – Aug 6, 2021


6:00 – 9:00 PM


Syracuse, NY


Players currently 5th grade and under only
Spectators are limited to 2 per person

  • this includes small children
  • games will be live on our FB page
  • limited seating in the gym as well

This is a competitive league, not our skill training program, as such;

  • playing time is not guaranteed
  • practices, if any, are scheduled and conducted by the coach

-can register a team or as an individual, individual sign-ups will be placed on a team together

-can request a Coach and or individual player(s), we cannot place players on a registered team

-There is no mandatory playing requirement

-All Players must sign online waivers

-Coach Will is not Coaching this season

-We do not know the skill level of all the individual registrants and we do not hold a practice to evaluate players

$75 per player (even if registering a team)
-Reg season award winners; rebounds, block shots, and points gets trophy, medal, and/or plaque
-Team and Individual Champ Awards for winning Chip

  • Jersey not included in fee (no reduced fee even if bringing own)
  • Can purchase WHYS jerseys from us (cotton tee’s $10, reversible $18)
    • Each player is required to have the same style and color jersey/shirt with a number on it
  • Ref fees are included in the price

5 on 5, 10 player roster (facility restrictions)

  • Can start a game with 4
  • no player can be added when playoffs start

Leagues are 5 weeks plus approximately 2 weeks of playoffs.
Games consist of 2-15 minute halves. Regular clock management under two minutes in the second half. 2 minute overtime, clock management under 1 minute
-3 Time outs per half (do not carry over)
-1 Time out in OT
-Double OT, first basket wins (except playoffs)

  • Unfortunately, the league do not have unlimited gym space and therefore do not schedule practices

While special request is an option, please note, it may not always be honored. However, we will do our best to accommodate any special request. Complete rules will be emailed to Coaches after teams are formed.

Games are played at 4595 Enders Rd, Manlius
Friday nights, dates
6/18, 6/25, 7/9, 7/16, 7/30, 8/6

  • Start time TBD
  • Dates and Times are subject to change
  • Actual game times can vary based on previous game
  • We will send a text alert to let players know when to come inside for their game

*social distancing will be in effect
*players will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entry
*equipment will be sterilized between games
*players will enter one door and exit the other side of the gym
*no more than two coaches per team
*face coverings will be worn while in the building

Covid-19 info
All players should have a face covering that can stay attached to their person. Could be one that go over the head and slide to the neck or one that can be attached with a lanyard.
If you are your child is not feeling well please stay home
I you or your child is noticeably showing cold, flu, or Covid symptoms, we will ask you to leave, your child will not be able to participate for 14 days if we notice any symptoms
If you are or your child was around someone that was not feeling well within two days of the WHYS event, please stay home
Please wash your hands before and after participation. If soap and water is unavailable please use hand sanitizers before and after participation

Indoor Facility Covid Request
Sign Covid release form that all players are required to fill out, it is online
If their child is sick keep them home!
Players should bring their own water bottle, disposable water bottles should be thrown away at the end of every session.
Players should bring their own hand sanitizer (we do have plenty of sanitizer stations in the building but this limits unnecessary contact)
Child's clothing/uniform/equipment should be washed/sanitized after each game.
Players should be dressed and ready before they enter the facility.
Players cannot enter the facility no earlier than 5 minutes from start of their game (ex. Game starts at 6:00pm- they cannot enter until 5:55pm) and they must go directly to the court. At the conclusion of the game players/coaches must exit the building within 5 minutes. WHYS rule is a text alert will come to let you know when to come inside.
Parents should contact their healthcare provider if their child is showing symptoms of Covid so we can begin the tracing process

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Will Hunters basketball as well as the football program are exceptional sports involvement for young children. Mr. Hunter is a consummate professional, committed to the social and moral enhancement of our youth. It really does not get much better than this type of organization. The coaches are also committed parents who clearly share coach Hunters vision. Many of the children in the program would find it difficult to be a part of other programs that might focus more on the ability of the child. This program is totally committed to encouraging and building up the child. The esteem building that occurs is tremendous and will certainly be something that will make itself a positive marker in the life of each child. Please keep up the excellent work coach Hunter. August 2016 review of Will Hunter's Youth Sports D40dce9c1f48a4d2145f86b7db64c284?d=mm&s=200 Brady B After several sessions with Coach Hunter we feel fortunate to have found this program. Will and the other coaches are tremendous with the kids. They teach selflessness, teamwork, and responsibility in addition to basketball skills. This program is a hidden gem in the area. August 2016

Raymond R

After several sessions with Coach Hunter we feel fortunate to have found this program. Will and the other coaches are tremendous with the kids. They teach selflessness, teamwork, and responsibility in addition to basketball skills. This program is a hidden gem in the area.

Brady B