Adult 5 v 5 Flag Football League

Adult 5 v 5 Flag Football League

Need for Speed!???

League Info

Mar 14 – May 9, 2021


1:00 – 2:00 PM


Syracuse, NY

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Please wear a face covering and social distance at all WHYS events

Facility is allowing 1 spectator per player

Style of play is 5v5 (can play 4v4)

  • 7 player max roster; indoor restrictions

Age Restrictions

  • must be out of High School


  • 18 minute running clock, 2 halves (indoor)
  • No regular clock management
  • Clock will stop briefly at 2 minute mark

2 Time Outs per half

  • do not rollover
  • TO's are 30 seconds

-no OT in regular season

Playoff overtime

  • Coin toss
  • both teams take possession from the 20yd line
  • No game clock, play clock still in effect
  • 1 TO

Referee Fees

  • Fees are $30 per game

Looking for teams and individual players

  • individual players will be placed on a team together
  • no try outs

Sunday afternoons
March 14, 21, 28
April 11, 18, 25
May 2, 9, 16
1pm - 2pm
*times and dates subject to change

We do not provide shirts for this league. Shirts can be purchased at your expense.

Games are played at Syracuse Indoor Sports Center
4989 Hopkins Rd. Liverpool

  • some games may be played outdoors

need at least 24 registrants to proceed with season
*rules will be emailed upon registration
not all players are required to play (no mandatory playing time)**

Covid-19 info
All participants must wear a face covering
All players should have a face covering that can stay attached to their person. Could be one that go over the head and slide to the neck or one that can be attached with a lanyard.
If players do not travel together we are asking that you keep at least 6ft distance from others
If you are not feeling well please stay home
I you are noticeably showing cold, flu, or Covid symptoms, we will ask you to leave, you will not be able to participate for 2 games if we notice any symptoms
If you are around someone that was not feeling well within two days of the WHYS event, please stay home
Please wash your hands before and after participation. If soap and water is unavailable please use hand sanitizers before and after participation
Wearing athletic gloves is strongly encouraged
Even if wearing athletic gloves please wash or sanitize your hands after participation

Indoor Facility Covid Request

  1. Signed Covid medical form that all players need to fill out. Online Waiver

  2. Players should bring their own water bottle, disposable water bottles should be thrown away at the end of every session.

  3. Players should bring their own hand sanitizer (we do have plenty of sanitizer stations in the building but this limits unnecessary contact)

  4. Players should have their own face covering/mask, they will need to wear it the entire time in the building, even while playing. If players need to remove their mask for any reason, they should move away from everyone or go outside. Please bring a spare mask!

  5. Clothing/uniform/equipment should be washed/sanitized after each training session.

  6. Players should be dressed and ready before they enter the facility.

  7. Players cannot enter the facility no earlier than 5 minutes from start of their session (ex. session starts at 6:00pm- they cannot enter until 5:55pm) and they must go directly to the field. At the conclusion of the practice players must exit the building within 5 minutes.

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My son started playing WHYS at 5 yrs old I coach now with Will and played high school and Div 3 college football. Wills teachings are dead on. Perfect for 1st timers or as previous clients know we play multiple times per year. Perfect practice/games for your small, Med, Large child. Everyone gets a chance, there are no favorites. Awesome starter league.

William P

Will does a tremendous job getting all kids involved. The program stresses teamwork and enthusiasm. The 30 minute practice time before the games is very helpful with teaching the skills needed to perform as well as teaching about sportsmanship. I highly recommend this program.

Mike L

My son loved the flag football session!

Nolana Q